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An attempt at Quantum physics

I always try to stay up to date (as much as I can) in many science areas.
That includes Physics, but without any formal training in it beyond high school, my understanding of the matter has to be limited.
Anyway, a few days ago I was reading that a gravity waves detector, started to get some unexpected interference. [See here]
That noise, could be caused if the device is detecting what we could call the pixels that make the universe. That is, the smallest possible "quantum granularity" of the universe.
But this should not happen, at least not yet. The detector is not sensible enough to detect that granularity, unless the size of this is much bigger than it should.
This gives base to an hypothesis that the universe we live into, could be the equivalent of a hologram, where the 3D world we experience is a manifestation of the 2D "original", And since a 3D universe is much bigger than the 2D source, the granules "look" bigger.

Then, I remembered about an experiment in which 2 linked particles are obvserved, and when one of them is altered (changing the quantum spin), the other one experiences the same change, instantly, regardless of the fact that any information from one to the other has to travel no faster than the speed of light….

To be continued…

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