Because some times, I just don't have anything better to do

RetroChallenge #1, part 2

I got lucky!
Not only does the floppy drive in my … “gaming PC” works, but I also found an unopened box of disks at work! Which somehow ended up in my backpack and then at home.
Now I have about 12 disks, that should be in good conditions.
I also found copies of Windows 3.1, DOS 6.22, and ARJ in my old backups, and have already downloaded Compushow and Quattro Pro.
But then, I realized that those programs are usually in disk images (.img files). I should have an old DOS program to read those files and create real disks… somewhere.
And… yes! The old TRS-80 Color Computer emulators for DOS! I still have them!.
Those are going straight to the Acer’s HD.

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