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RetroChallenge #1, part 3. Moving the bytes

As I expected, finding the software was not difficult at all.
Thanks to a USB card reader that is old enough to have Win98 drivers, moving the disk images and ZIP files to my internet impaired P-III was easy.
I was also able to find in some old backup CDs a copy of “HD-COPY”, the “Cardware” program that I used back in the day. It still worked flawlessly, and in a matter of minutes, the disks started to fill.
Some that were not new came out with some bad sectors, but HD-COPY does auto-verify and can low level format the disks if needed. It also auto-detects sequences in the source file names (if you read DOS6-1.IMG and there is a DOS6-2.IMG it will load it automatically), and starts writing to a disk as soon as one is inserted.
Well, not much of an update. All the good floppies I have are ready to be loaded into the Acer.
Using HD-COPY was a nice trip down memory lane. I used to work in a bootleg software store back in the 90’s and I would usually spend hours making disks out of IMG files with it. Again, a great piece of software with many, many options, including the DMF 21-sector, 1.68 MB format that Microsoft used to deploy Windows 95.

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