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RetroChallenge #1, part 4. Time to face reality.

Challenges #2 and #3 worked out quite smoothly. And so was challenge #1, that is, until I went to turn on my Acernote laptop.
The first thing that I noticed was that I could hardly see the text in the screen.
Something happened since the last time I used it, not that long ago. Looks like the lamp is almost dead, and there is an area at the bottom center of the screen where there is some kind of damage.
“OK” – I said to myself – “I can use an external monitor, and try to figure this out later.”
As the BIOS battery is long dead, I went to the usual steps to setup the time and date, and run the hard drive autodetect.
But… no joy. It just would not detect the disk.
Also, some of the keystrokes used to move around the BIOS menu did not want to work most of the time.
I opened it up, checked the mylar cable connectors for the keyboard, the one for the hard disk… all looked OK. But every time I booted it up, seemed to work even worst.
Well, today I could not even get to the BIOS. I press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Esc], it beeps, but nothing happens.
After trying to figure out what is going on for about an hour, it was evident that I had to face the facts. i have failed Challenge #1.
I really hope that I can – eventually – find out what is happening.
I´ll have disassembly it as much as I can, and work for some time that I don’t have right now.
If it happens to be a total loss… at least I have another 486 machine, a full tower, that I will try to eventually set up and use it to run the software that I planned to use in the Acernote.
Life happens…

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