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Sobre filántropos, millonarios y generosidad

Es bastante usual encontrar artículos o reportajes en las noticias donde se elogian las generosas donaciones de tal o cual millonario.

Por ejemplo, el 22 de Abril de 2010, Bill Gates dono 30 millones de dolares a un fondo de granjeros en Ghana y Rwanda. 30.000.000 dolares es una considerable cantidad de dinero, sin importar como se mire.

Pero la pregunta es:

¿Es una donación generosa?


“Money for nothing…”

I just got another of those emails.
"This is not Spam", "A close friend of my brother", "I work in a legal office and I know this is legal and true"…
It seems that any excuse is good to make people believe that they can get free money from Microsoft© just by sending an email to everyone in they address book.
Well, let me tell you. If you ever did so and expected to get easy money… YOU ARE AN IDIOT and should be BANNED FOR LIFE from using a computer.
Those are the same ones who wonder where spammers got their email address from, or how their brand new PC is full with viruses when they only used it for a week or two.
Even if it was possible for Microsoft or AOL© to track all the emails you send (and know what is in them, to verify you are sending the right one) Even if they had enough personal information to send you a check (if you use Yahoo or GmailM how would MS or AOL know) why in heavens sake would they send you more money than they make from you in a year just because you emailed 10 friends???
Then we wonder why the world is in the sorry state it is. The answer is simple. The world is full of idiots

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