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Otro ejemplo de educacion y respeto

El candidato con mayor apoyo en el pais volvio a gritar a un periodista de television, como suele hacer cuando no tiene una respuesta razonable. Cuando, con respeto y seriedad, el periodista de Telenoche (canal 10) siguio preguntando, Mujica procedio a insultarlo y sugerir que la abuela del periodista tendria la respuesta.
ojala la gente se acuerde de lo que hizo este hombre en los años 60, cuando decidio que la agresion armada era la solucion a los problemas del pais.

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Feliz 5° Aniversario Sabre! (Parte 2)

Hoy, familia y amigos fueron invitados a conocer Sabre (Normalmente un lugar muy seguro y restringido).
Hubo panchos gratis, y canilla libre de pop, churros, coca y torta de cumpleaños.


Feliz 5° aniversario, Sabre

Hoy se celebro el 5° aniversario de el “Global Customer Suport Center” de Sabre Holdings en Montevideo.
Para empezar la fiesta, canilla libre de torta y jugo de frutas. Sumado a los helados y refrescos de ayer, y el pop y algodón dulce de mañana, perder peso se hace difícil!


Es mas facil hacer que deshacer

La foto que acompaña este post es el ultimo ejemplo de una tradición que se remonta a las ultimas 2 décadas del siglo pasado. Enchastrar lugares públicos para hacer propaganda política.
Voluntarios salen a la calle con baldes de pintura a las 3 AM y dejan sus mensajes para la posteridad, algunos de ellos pudiéndose ver por meses hasta después del evento al cual se refieren, hasta que alguien mas lo cubre con otro enchastre.
Nunca hay voluntarios a las 3 AM recuperando muros o paredes.
Por un tiempo se manejo la idea de que las agrupaciones políticas tenían que hacerse responsables de retirar su publicidad después de pasado el evento en cuestión, pero, al incluir la palabra “responsabilidad”, quedó en el olvido.
Por supuesto que debería castigarse a organizaciones que se identifican claramente – a veces hasta con numero de teléfono – por ensuciar espacios públicos. Pero no. Cuando la fecha de las elecciones se acerca, el gobierno de turno les da dinero para publicidad (esta ley si se cumple), no sea que no tengan plata para la pintura….

Es mas facil hacer que deshacer



La murga del ministro de economia gano el primer premio del desfile de carnaval… Y si, tiene años de practica…

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Why I say NO to Firefox

If you read my first post, you might have noticed that I use a strange program called "Seamonkey" for my Internet needs, instead of the popular Firefox or the risky Internet Explorer.
To explain why, I have to take you back in time, to 1996, to the First Browser's War. At that time, I was using Netscape Communicator. I just loved having a single, perfectly integrated program that could take care of browsing, email, and web page creation..
When the original (4.x) Netscape died, Mozilla and Netscape 6 came out, and I switched, but it was clear that this where not really 100% what they should be, with long loading times and a sluggish interface. That's when Firefox (Phoenix, as it was known then) was born. The idea was to have a browser-only lightweight competitor to IE. But as time went on, Mozilla was becoming faster, and Firefox, now the favorite, was getting more and more features. By 2006 the Mozilla Suite became "Seamonkey" after being abandoned by the Mozilla Foundation and saved by the user's community.
As of today, Seamonkey 2 has the same rendering engine that Firefox 3, and it's smaller and lighter than Firefox+Thunderbird.
That's why I say NO to Firefox, the little browser who grew to much, yes to Seamonkey, "the all-in-one internet suite"
P.S. If you are looking for a really light browser for M$ Windows, try K-meleon

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“Money for nothing…”

I just got another of those emails.
"This is not Spam", "A close friend of my brother", "I work in a legal office and I know this is legal and true"…
It seems that any excuse is good to make people believe that they can get free money from Microsoft© just by sending an email to everyone in they address book.
Well, let me tell you. If you ever did so and expected to get easy money… YOU ARE AN IDIOT and should be BANNED FOR LIFE from using a computer.
Those are the same ones who wonder where spammers got their email address from, or how their brand new PC is full with viruses when they only used it for a week or two.
Even if it was possible for Microsoft or AOL© to track all the emails you send (and know what is in them, to verify you are sending the right one) Even if they had enough personal information to send you a check (if you use Yahoo or GmailM how would MS or AOL know) why in heavens sake would they send you more money than they make from you in a year just because you emailed 10 friends???
Then we wonder why the world is in the sorry state it is. The answer is simple. The world is full of idiots

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Software… New or tested?

This last weekend I installed Windows © XP in my main PC.
I have been using Windows 2000 for the last 4 years, and have been quite satisfied with it's speed and stability.
But lately, more and more software makers have been dropping support, limiting my options.
I figured that it was time to go for XP.
After 3 service packs and 6 years, it should be mature enough, and the improved compatibility should make up for the slower response. (I don't believe what Microsoft's marketing department tells about ever new version being faster, I've tested it, and it's slower, even in my 2.6 Ghz / 1 MiB PC)
Then, when I was reinstalling my software (the upgrade option would not work, even after trying whit different versions and CDs) I realized that I'm using many "beta" versions of my favorite programs, and even the "alpha" version of thw Seamonkey Internet suite.
Why is it that I resent using a 6 years old version of Windows, but will gladly install Seamonkey 2.0 Alpha?
Let's see… Both ar significant improvement over older versions, offering many new features.
But most of Windows XP new features are not anything I like to use. On the contrary, I usually find them annoying and childish.
On the other hand, the lattest "alpha" version of Seamonkey has some very nice new features, a new "core", and it is 25% smaller and runs faster!
Now at least I know why sometimes I just have to have the lattest version of a program, while with some others, as long as the one I use works, upgrading sometimes feels more like DOWNgrading

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